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For teams big on dreams & light on resources

Does your team have too many competing priorities and not enough hours in the day? Do you have unmet potential and know you could change the world if you could just get a little support?

Creative Life Design for Teams is a flexible goal setting and planning system built for creative and innovative teams with big dreams. This system helps you focus on what's most important, adapt to changing conditions and competing priorities, and achieve more than ever.

How it Works

It's easy to learn, quick to implement, and most of all... it works phenomenally well. I used this system with a tiny-but-mighty creative marketing team of 3 to manage a $100MM business with less than a $1MM budget and took that same company from negative $200K EBIDTA to positive $9MM within 4 years. Learn to work in a cyclical, adaptable way to stay connected with what matters most and realize your true potential. The best part? Your team members' well-being will thrive, too. Win/win/win.


Learn this unique and flexible system built for creative and innovative teams to work toward your goals in a cyclical way and stay inspired while achieving them. Complete immersion with your goals set and a high-level strategic plan for your year.


8 x 2-hr. segments (16 hours total)


Bring the system to life with hands-on support: 3 full sprint (3-week) plans and reviews, plus a quarterly planning session. Walk away from this 6-week program with an intimate understanding of this flexible system and all the tools to continue implementing it within your team.


3 x 1-2hr. sessions for first 3 weeks plus 1 x 2-4hr. session for quarterly planning


Dream even bigger, make confident decisions, and explore what's keeping you stuck with personalized 1:1 time for individuals or small groups. This is an optional add-on to the 6-week program. Dedicated personalized support can help you really integrate the system into your day-to-day.


TBD: 1-hr. individual sessions or 1.5-2 hr. small group sessions

Maximum Productivity, Infinite Creativity.

The bamboo that bends is stronger than the oak that resists. Learn to roll with unpredictability, adapt and pivot quickly, and stay focused on the highest return-on-investment activities. Achieve milestones and deadlines while protecting and inspiring creativity and innovation.

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Featured Client

“Out of all the teams I work with, your team is the only one that is never in crisis”

Mike Lenny

VP Business Development, iColor Printing & Mailing

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Cyclical Process

At the heart of the Creative Life Design for Teams system is a cyclical way of working toward your goals. Reviewing, planning, and taking action in 12 month, 3 month, and 3 week cycles, you always keep the inspiration of the goal in front of you. These cycles allow you to adapt to unpredictability and achieve your true potential.

Our Values & Promises



This system is easy to learn and quick to implement for fast results. I needed a system that didn't take a ton of training time, was easy to onboard new members, and delivered fast results. I don't have time for hours upon hours of meaningless meetings or tools that require tons of research and practice to master, and neither do you... more time for cocktails on the beach!



Work doesn’t have to always be so serious and stressful. This system is truly enjoyable to dive into and provides ample opportunities for your team to come together for enhanced communication and camaraderie. We fully believe in celebrating ALL the wins and pivots, even when they’re unexpected. Unicorns flying across our screens? Yes, please!



Most systems prioritize efficiency and traditional expressions of productivity at the sacrifice of innovation and creativity. Not us! We believe that sometimes rest can be productive, and that creativity should be protected at all costs. Learn to optimize your time and your dollars, achieving milestones and maximum productivity while protecting your team’s infinite creativity.



This system was built to be just as effective in-person as it is virtual. Whether your team shares a physical office or is spread throughout the globe, your communication will be greatly enhanced throughout this process. Your team will feel more in sync than ever, easily picking up where another team member left off or onboarding newbies. Everyone is empowered here.

Sample Schedule

This is a sample of the 6-week program schedule for your team to fully learn and embrace this methodology. After the initial immersion phase, you will be supported for 3 additional weeks with dedicated time to ensure you and your team are confident implementing the system in a way that works for you. It's easy to maintain once started, so you'll receive all the tools you need to thrive, and extra coaching support is available as needed.

Week 1

Immersion Part 1 (2 half-days)

Reflect on past highlights & lowlights, wins & breakthroughs, and uncover key patterns & paradigms that will guide our future plans. Then we'll understand the essence of your goals to keep them top-of-mind and stay connected to the inspiration behind the goal.

Week 2

Immersion Part 2 (2 half-days)

Learn the cyclical system with effective project management tools to prioritize effectively, break goals down into 3-month and 3-week cycles, and adapt as needed to keep elevating toward your greatest potential.

Week 3

Implementation - Quarterly Plan

After immersion, we'll go through your first quarterly plan to identify the priorities for the quarter or season (3 month timeframe). This will include priorities to achieve your company goals as well as team objectives and opportunities.

Week 4

Implementation - Sprint Week 1

Guidance through planning your first 3-week sprint to set priorities and identify the most important tasks.

Week 5

Implementation - Sprint Week 2

Guidance to review the past week and plan for the upcoming week, focusing on what's most important.

Week 6

Implementation - Sprint Week 3

Reflect on your first sprint and make a plan for the next 3 weeks. We'll also check in on the quarterly plan to see if we're on track or if it needs any adjustments.