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A little about me

Dana J Buchman

Hi! I’m Dana J Buchman. I’ve built a 20+ year career in marketing and executive leadership at companies like Apple, Disney, and Mattel, making them billions of dollars. Now I’m focused on teaching creative, neurodivergent, non-linear thinkers the same methodologies I designed for myself and my teams to achieve their DREAM-Goals™.

On vacation in Turks and Caicos a few years ago, I saw how happy the locals were living their best lives in paradise and I realized that I had been waiting to live the life I wanted... waiting for the right job opportunity, the right timing, the right amount of money in the bank, and a million other things - all the while putting off actually living my dreams. Shortly thereafter, my life fell apart. I had a devastating and traumatic miscarriage, I lost my job unexpectedly, and then I was told I had a life-threatening heart condition. In the midst of my trauma and grief, I had to fight for my joy like I was fighting for air to breathe.

Trying to get my bearings and my feet underneath me again, I leaned on the systems I had created and taught throughout my career. I started designing a planning journal, including all my favorite tools and rituals from Human Interface Design at Apple, software development methodologies at Disney, and creative brainstorming at Mattel, along with insights from my favorite business books, spiritual gurus, and self-help programs. I shared it with a few friends who couldn’t stop raving about it, and Creative Life Design™ was born. Reconnecting to myself and my joy saved me from my grief, and focusing on my favorite glimmers helped to recalibrate my nervous system. Some of my favorites include the ocean’s energetic peace, champagne bubbles, a loved one’s embrace, dancing, adventures, adrenaline, laughing until it hurts, girlfriend brunches, cuddles with my beautiful dog Raja, experiencing new and different cultures, sailing, sunshine, being playful and silly, watching sunsets, treating myself to everyday luxuries, hiking and being in nature, whales, and so much more. I hope you get as much fulfillment out of living your dreams with this methodology as I have in creating it. Now, go live your dream life and don’t put it off any longer!