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You deserve to live your dreams.

Hi, I'm Dana J Buchman. I've built a career in marketing and executive leadership at companies like Apple and Disney, making them billions of dollars. Now I'm focused on teaching YOU the same methodologies I designed: a blueprint and a proven, flexible system designed for the unpredictability of life. You deserve to live your dream life and the Creative Life Design system is here to support you.

Dana J Buchman

Service Offerings

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Dedicated attention to dream even bigger, make confident decisions, and/or explore what's keeping you stuck.


Join as an individual within a group learning cohort to set goals and achieve them with a community to support you.

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Dedicated support for teams of 2-10 to achieve maximum productivity with infinite creativity and innovation.

Planning Journal

Bring your dreams into your day-to-day. The journal includes the full Creative Life Design system and methodology, plus monthly and weekly pages through March of next year for springtime renewal energy. Limited edition and designed with love from my heart to yours.

CLD planning journal

"I love the whole self approach to thinking through goals and tasks. Dana's positivity, vast experience and enthusiasm are felt throughout the program and help inspire movement and change."

Emily Kelly

Production Manager

"This is such an interesting and imaginative way to identify and think through life goals."

Holli Hornlien-Stanton

Associate Director

"This experience helped me dig deeper into myself to bring out something I didn't even know was there, and now I'm creating this new path to live a more fulfilled life."

Christie DeMoss

Catering Sales Manager

Are your goals killing your dreams?

Setting "SMART" goals often leaves us feeling less than inspired or beating ourselves up when life doesn't exactly go to plan. Creative Life Design is the blueprint to set expansive and flexible dream goals that feel good to pursue and work toward while living the life of your dreams today.

Featured Participant

“I was struggling on how to prioritize and organize what to tackle first, and in what order to put the pieces in. Thanks to Dana's Creative Life Design series I now have an action plan in place, one that is doable and flexible for when "life" happens, or my goals shift.”

Victoria Moore


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