A guide for soulful, creative individuals to flow with the energy of an unpredictable life, get shit done, and manifest your dreams.


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Everyone talks about living your dream life, but where is the blueprint and how do you get there? Not to mention that the world wasn't built for us as creatives, those who are neurodivergent, or non-linear thinkers. We ride the waves of inspiration and our energy flows in and out like the tide, but we still have deadlines to meet and dreams to realize. I tried every time/project/energy management system out there and realized they just weren't built for me, so I decided to create my own. Join incredible groups of creatives and me, Dana J Buchman, your workshop facilitator, to learn this unique system built just for us. Architected as a series, each workshop builds on the last so it's recommended to take them in order. Your blueprint to live your dream life and highest divine purpose is here. Ahhhhh - pure bliss awaits.

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This system was developed from a lifetime of learnings with some of the world's most beloved brands - from human interface design at Apple to creative brainstorming processes at Mattel, from detailed product launch timelines at Activision to software development methodologies at Disney, plus a lot of spiritual and self-help gurus along the way. As a Chief Marketing Officer, I utilized this unique system with my team of creative professionals. Using this methodology, we exponentially increased revenue, delivered record-breaking results, honored each team member's unique energy flow, and finally created breathing room and balance for the best return-on-investment in our lives and well-being. One of the vendors I used most frequently recently reflected back to me, "your team is never in crisis" - that's my system at work!

From the minute I heard of Creative Life Design, I knew it was something special. It’s so unique and practical, and I love that it was created from experience with amazing companies and brands.


CEO and Founder

I’ve never heard of a system or process developed specifically for creative professionals. It’s nice to be recognized and to have something created just for us, because our brains just work differently.


Dancer and Producer

This system is so intentional, creative, and beautiful. I love the thoughtfulness that has gone into creating this guide for us and I love that it allows for the unpredictability of life.



I never use planners or systems like this because they just don’t work for me… but this one is different. I started implementing this process and already my life feels lighter. Thank you so much for creating a beautiful system that aligns with the way my creative brain works!


Director and Producer

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